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Topics include, but are not limited to, the following:
Climate change: status, adaptation and mitigation strategies
  • Temporal trends of climatic parameters at the macro-, meso- and micro scale
  • Heat island effect
  • Interrelationships between climate change at various scales and the built environment
  • Application of mitigation strategies in the building sector (principles, case-studies)
  • Water management in the urban environment: stormwater, green roofs, permeable surfaces, etc.
Energy and environmental performance of buildings and built environment
  • Methods and tools
  • Energy performance as a component of environmental performance of built environment of various scales (buildings, neighborhoods, etc.)
  • Impact of climate change on buildings’ and urban areas’ energy and environmental performance
Zero energy - emissions - lifecycle emissions buildings
  • Schemes and calculation methodologies
  • Technologies for the achievement of high-performance buildings (building envelope, HVACs, etc.)
  • Case-studies
Renewable energy in the built environment
  • Renewable Energy Sources (RES): use in buildings and development of related technologies
  • Implementation of RES in urban environment: infrastructure and grids
  • Case-studies
Renovation and upgrading of buildings and urban areas
  • Impact of climate change on existing buildings as well as on buildings and built areas of historic and cultural value
  • Strategies for environmentally friendly interventions on existing buildings or built areas
  • Assessment and computational methods and/or software supporting decision-making process for renovation projects
  • Case studies
Environmental performance assessment of buildings and built environment: methods, tools and certification schemes
  • Buildings' environmental performance assessment methods and tools
  • Methods for the assessment of the environmental performance assessment at a larger scale of the built environment (urban level)
  • Life-cycle analysis of building materials, elements and units
  • Consideration of climate change in built environment’s sustainability assessment tools and methods
  • Integration of computational or other tools (e.g. BIM) into environmental performance assessment processes
Policies, regulations and standards
  • Building regulations towards sustainable targets
  • Adoption of policies and incentives for the promotion of sustainability of the building sector in the Mediterranean countries
  • Standardization of environmental performance of buildings: recent evolvements and current trends
  • Industry and market turn towards sustainable practices
Economic and social issues
  • Health implications induced by climate change in indoor and outdoor building and urban spaces respectively
  • Economic implications of climate change with regard to buildings’ construction and operation
  • Social and economic indicators in the context of buildings’ and building ensembles’ environmental performance assessment and improvement
  • Inclusion of buildings and building ensembles' environmental performance assessment concepts and strategies in higher technical education (pre- and postgraduate curricula etc.)
  • Training of professionals with the collaboration of technical and professional institutions, chambers and bodies
Building Physics
  • Thermal, visual, acoustic comfort and indoor quality
  • Daylighting
  • Fire safety design
  • Hygrothermal performance, moisture in building components
  • Service life, durability and resilience

Abstract Submission

Abstracts should be submitted electronically in PDF format (without security restrictions on copying or printing) to easychair.org . If you have used EasyChair before, you can use the same username and password. If this is your first time using EasyChair, you will need to register for an account before submitting your abstract. You can upload and re-upload the abstract to the system by the submission due date.

Download Abstract Template

Full Paper Submission

Papers should be prepared according to the guidelines and submitted electronically to easychair.org .  Template and instruction can be downloaded  here.

You can upload and re-upload the paper to the system by the submission due date.

Please note that there is no limit on the number of pages. However, it is recommended  not to exceed the number of 10 pages per paper  in total, i.e. including the front page, the figures and the bibliography.